How can you switch off your competitors best? You can underbid the prices of the competitor or you can simply buy his company. The Chinese exactly do this; they buy up many companies in Germany. Never before, China has been investing in Germany as much as today, already in 2016 German companies worth 13 billion euros were bought. Compared to this, the sum of 2015 amounted to 900 million euros.

The traditional companies are


56 companies changed their owners in 2016, a year before these were 37, three years ago only 30 German companies were taken over from Chinese investors. Particularly the Chinese are interested in traditional enterprises from the industry and the mechanical engineering. The plan of the Chinese intends to equip the production of goods by 2025 mainly with industrial robots from their own production. Therefore, it is only logical that they already start to buy the companies that offer the right equipment for this plan.

Germany is not the only aim

However, Chinese investors do not only buy in Germany, they make an international shopping trip. Last year, for example, they bought abroad for 247 billion euros and thus increased the purchasing volume by 140% compared to the year 2015. The purchase of competing companies was already an issue some ten years ago, but in a much smaller framework. At that time, the Chinese spent only 16.5 billion euros. This puts China on the second place when buying abroad, only American companies have spent more money abroad. However, China selects the best pieces to them; for example, they have paid 43 billion dollars for a raw material company from Switzerland.

Now it looks as if the boom has ended, because in the last three months, the Chinese investment in Germany has become significantly less and internationally the Chinese hold themselves back apparently. Responsible for this development is the political debate in Germany, which is becoming increasingly louder.

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